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Workshop: Developing Chi for Power and Strength

Chi is the fundamental energy in nature, whether in stones, flowers or humans.  In humans, chi is described as Life Force independent from the muscular/body force.  Learn how to be in touch with your chi and develop it from head to toes to empower you at all levels of your life.  Learn to differentiate (and use) the 4 types of expressi

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Workshop: Zen Meditation In Action

Discover a new relationship between time and space, and a new connection with the world around you.  Feel peacefulness. Part One: Keep the candles, keep the music but stand up and move in harmony with the 4 elements and control of your breath. Part Two: Keep moving in time and space and explore your inner world and the universe fro

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What is Myoku?

  Myoku-principlesMyoku is made of 2 kanji brought together.  MYO:  the miraculous, when the ordinary becomes extraordinary (change of consciousness).  KU:  infinity, the universe, the void from which forms are generated and return to in order to be recreated (continuous renewing of mind, body and spirit).  Myoku is then the cons

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Everything is a vibration in nature and the universe – including yourself. Eastern philosophies have always mentioned that truth, but in the West it took quantum physics and string theory to discover it. Read more...


Omote is the visible, the obvious, the given, or what is easily reachable—or common understanding. Ura is the hidden, the secret, the invisible, or the reverse –or the esoteric understanding. Read more...


Yin and Yang are basic opposite forces in the universe and nature, and constantly in motion. They always work together to create harmony and balance. Read more...


Chi comes from of the constant motion of yin and yang, and at the same time, chi transcends the latter. In a sort of feedback loop, Chi regulates yin and yang, bringing balance and harmony. Read more...

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