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What is the “New Consciousness” of the beginning of the 21st century? A simple and straightforward answer: Stop feeding your ego, reconnect deeply, and help this world. Now, let me elaborate.

At the dawn of the 21st century, significant changes are occurring on our planet and for humanity. First, environmental changes result from a combination of the Earth’s natural cycles and human pollution and exploitation of resources. Planet Earth experienced ice ages and major transformations long before our modern era. Earth is evolving, shifting its vibration, and undergoing changes. Thousands of species have disappeared over time, while others have emerged. Landscapes have transformed over millennia; many deserts were once flourishing forests, whereas today they are arid landscapes.

What makes the 21st century critical is that, in addition to significant climate shifts, humanity is at a crossroads. If we continue our current way of living, behaving, and thinking, we are headed for our own Jurassic era. As many conscious scientists and spiritual masters have explained, when all vectors (culture, socio-politics, economics, environment, science and technology, philosophy, ideology, education, etc.) converge toward a crisis, systemic collapse is inevitable. We are now facing a shift in global consciousness.

The new consciousness involves more than just realizing the need to change our thinking and existence; it delves deeper. Questions like “Who am I?” and “What is my life purpose?” are central to our concerns. This awakening to Oneness on a spiritual level signifies a deep connection with nature, the universe, our true nature, and what is. While this is evident to some, it is less so to others, especially those who resist the ongoing shift, preferring to remain in their dualistic comfort zones. Some describe this planetary phase as “chaos,” “transition,” or “evolution.” Regardless of the term used, it all boils down to a profound shift in consciousness that we must align with to advance humanity. As many conscious leaders and spiritual masters have stated, the biggest disease on Earth is the belief in separation from oneness (“I” and “others”). Until we awaken to the reality of Oneness, we may face what scientists call the 6th mass extinction.

In sum, the “oneness” that the new consciousness points to involves a mindset shift at all levels of human society: politics, economics, education, culture, and lifestyle. This concerns us all. It’s not just the government’s job to implement rules but our own responsibility as well. Start with yourself. What do you do every day to understand or reconnect with your true Self (oneness)? Are you letting your ego control you (karma), or are you listening to your true Self to regain inner peace and wisdom? Are you competing with others (even subtly), or are you collaborating to elevate the community? Do you cling to polarized views, or do you strive for harmony? Are you listening to your ego’s needs or responding to a higher calling? Quantum theory and neuroscience have proven what spirituality has always stated: the universe is one field of consciousness in which we all exist and are all made of. We are interconnected. This is not a metaphor but reality.

The concept of “oneness” is not new. It is at the core of Eastern spiritualities. But it is new in that it is no longer exclusive to spirituality. It is gradually becoming the new standard in the modern Western way of life, affecting business (conscious business), management (conscious leadership), health (conscious living), and more. We are at the dawn of this new consciousness movement. However, awakening in people’s lives is happening. To face what is and will be on the planet, we need to transform ourselves and evolve not through fear, anger, and reluctance, but with love, acceptance, awareness, and natural collaboration if we want humanity to evolve for the better. The 21st century is awakening to Oneness. Be part of it. Resisting will create more suffering. The 21st century is about self-transformation into a conscious human being. For example, the new values are Authenticity, Self-transformation, Higher Self (vs ego), Humanity (vs personal), Collaboration (vs competition), Equality (vs hierarchy), Compassion (vs judgment), Thriving (vs surviving), and Oneness (vs separation).

Check out Myoku programs to start your journey to inner peace and self-transformation, or to deepen your practice and raise your vibration. Together, we can make a difference. Be part of the 21st-century conscious evolution of humanity. We need conscious leaders on this planet.

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Viviane Casimir is the founder of Myoku, a Zen mind-body alignment through meditation, breathing techniques, and martial arts movements, with the aim of fostering inner peace and self-realization. Viviane has a multicultural and multidisciplinary background that enriches both her personality and professional approach. From academia to Wall Street, and now as a Myoku Mind-Body coach, Viviane has found her purpose in raising consciousness on the planet and helping individuals develop inner peace for self-empowerment and leadership. Viviane holds a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature and a B.S. in Biology. Additionally, she holds a 2nd Dan in Kyokushin Karate (IKO), a certificate in Tai Chi Chuan from the New York Shaolin Center, and a mastership in Usui Reiki. She is a member of the Kwan Um School of Zen, and her Buddhist name is Myong Oh. Viviane has conducted Myoku workshops in the USA, Canada, France, and Norway, and has curated a Zen Stones Exhibition based on Myoku principles in New York City (2012) and Montreal (2019). She has published academic articles on science and literature and has contributed numerous pieces on meditation and spirituality to online magazines like SivanaEast. Additionally, Viviane is the author of a short novel titled "The Three Desert Stones," which draws from Zen and fantasy, reflecting her childhood in Morocco (available on Amazon). Currently, she is working on a book about Myoku titled "A Walk in the Bamboo Forest." Fluent in French and English, Viviane also has some proficiency in Swedish.

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