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Personalize your path: Flexible coaching for your self-transformation

All programs are virtual (Zoom platform) to reach the international community. Myoku is a 1:1 coaching / training or small group format. All programs incorporate in their own way the 3 pillars of Myoku and have a theme with specific tools to help you grow. They are also adjusted to the clients’ needs. Please contact Viviane to discuss and evaluate what is best for you. Programs are friendly and you develop at your own pace. English and French. No prior requirements in martial arts or Zen or any other form of mind-body practice. It is your journey, your transformation.

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Zen Cardio


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What is Zen Mind-body ?

First, “Mind-Body” is a general expression that includes all practices that pertain to well-being. I added the word “Zen” to point to the necessity to move beyond well-being and aim at “self-realization.” The 21st century is about transformation of the “self.” We do not limit ourselves to survival, we want to thrive. We do not limit ourselves to a healthy life, we want to transform our consciousness to reach our higher Self. Zen is a great tool to transform yourself in Mind-Body.

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Zen Mind-Body with Viviane Casimir

Reach Inner peace & higher vibration with a Zen alignment and movements

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