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SHI- Open Lotus


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SHI- Open Lotus

This is the Myoku Signature program. Take your conscious mind-body practice further! Don’t settle for well-being in your life. You are meant for more. Transform yourself, be aligned with your life mission and become a conscious leader. The planet needs you. Connect with your “yearning,” your true nature that will take you to fulfilling your life purpose. Have you reached a plateau in your personal growth and don’t know how to expand? Move forward on your journey to self-realization beyond social / professional achievements. It’s about your life mission and helping this world. This program helps you see through the “ordinary” to reach the extra-ordinary in your life. We practice sitting meditation with specific breathing techniques to take you deeper, and Qi gong movements to cultivate the chi and the fluidity of the mind-body consciousness.

$1,850 (CAD)– 8 sessions of 1h15

This Signature program of Myoku offers a complete training of the Mind-Body, which includes centering/grounding, advanced breathing techniques, videos, frequencies of 528Hz / 741Hz (music), Zen readings / koan, meditation, and Qi gong to support your self-transformation.

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