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SHI- Open Lotus


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SHI- Open Lotus

Take your mind-body practice further! Don’t settle for well-being in your life. You are meant for more. Transform yourself, be aligned with your life mission and become a leader. Have you reached a plateau in your personal growth and don’t know how to expand? You want to deepen your practice and raise your consciousness to experience more harmony in your life? Start your journey to self-realization beyond social achievements. It is a soul’s mission. This program moves you to another level and helps you move to the extra-ordinary with advanced tools. We practice sitting meditation with specific breathing techniques to take you deeper, and qi gong movements to cultivate the chi and the fluidity of the mind-body connection.

$1,450 (CAD)– 8 sessions of 1h15 –Strictly individual

This Signature program of Myoku offers a complete training of the Mind-Body, which includes centering/grounding, advanced breathing techniques, videos, frequencies of 528Hz / 741Hz (music), Zen readings / koan, meditation, and qi gong to support your transformation.

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