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DO- The Bamboo Forest


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Kata Empowerment–Have you outgrown your physical activity at the gym or jogging and need something else to feed your soul? Bring a Zen dimension into your routine, add some depth to your reality to experience completeness and live in the new consciousness of the 21st century: the era of meditation in action. Learn a kata of 20 martial arts movements (with the 4 elements) to experience the Now as a new dimension in your life. Develop your body, grounding and fluidity of your mind and body while creating a sacred space of expansion of consciousness — we move and breathe in a different way. The kata varies according to the client’s profile.

$675 (CAD) per participant (max 2 participants)

(6 sessions of 1h15 / martial arts movements with the 4 elements: earth, water, fire, air)

BONUS : 45 minutes of an additional session to help the client be at ease with the kata in order to benefit from it on a daily basis.

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