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MYO- Awakening


Why meditate? It is the perfect way to quiet your mind and let your true Self emerge. Clear your mind from the noise/chatter of your ego to reach inner peace and keep it wherever you are. Meditation is simple but to keep the practice alive is more difficult. This program helps develop steady practice.

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Start your transformation in life now! Meditation is the perfect tool. Whether you are a beginner at it or not, do you sometimes wish you could feel more grounded in an inspiring way? Have you tried different mind-body practices and are still not satisfied? Do you struggle with meditation and do not see improvement? Or do you simply want to explore another way to build inner strength and consciousness? This program is a dynamic meditation that helps realign mind and body for inner peace and harmony. Learn tools to create your own ecosystem at home, make your Mind-Body vibrate, and discover the power in reconnecting with yourself on a deeper level. This program sets you on the path with a solid base that will support your daily practice.

$425 (CAD) per participant 

(5 sessions -1h each) Program based on sitting meditation (with breathing techniques) and standing meditation (6 movements of tai-chi).

BONUS : 30 minutes additional session to answer questions and help master tai-chi movements if needed.

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